Roxanne Yazdani has called the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex “home” for her entire life. As a real estate agent and passionate member of the community, she is perfectly positioned and completely devoted to helping clients make DFW their home as well.

With a degree in business and marketing from the University of North Texas, Roxanne is a savvy negotiator who leverages her education and experience to successfully complete any real estate transaction. She prides herself on her ability to transform a sometimes challenging and complicated process into one that is both easy and exciting. Her business is laced with integrity and compassion for others, and built on the strong foundation of an unwavering dedication to the community she loves.

Roxanne connects with her clients on a personal level, building relationships and strengthening trust between all parties involved in a real estate transaction. Whether you’re a familiar or fresh face to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Roxanne’s mission is to make you feel like you are home.